Norwich and Norfolk

Please see the updated page on the current Cutlock and Co website.


Norwich was home for the Cutlock, Cullum and Neal families. Also Lake, Laddiman, Andrews, Crompton, Curtis, Dashwood, Gunton, Neve, Rallison and others.

My rough and ready attempt at showing distribution (concentration) of families in Norwich, 1901 census to about 1920 is on Google Maps (that’s a proper Google link now).

Guernsey Road – Number 7, 4th on right, home of Neal family. Perhaps early 1920s

St Augustines Norwich Place Names gives some helpful descriptions of roads or paths no longer in existence and also of Yards in the parish.

George Plunkett’s photographs of old Norwich, including by street.

Magdalen Street – definitely not 1991 as written on the postcard!

Norwich Yards

Norwich Courts and Yards: these were back alleys crammed with small homes and workshops (indeed combined home and workshop) which grew up in central Norwich. Most were swept away in city improvements but some evidence still exists.

Some yards occupied by those in the family tree:

  • Bixfields Buildings (Bishop)
  • Clarkes Building (Howes)
  • Cross Keys Yard (Andrews)
  • Crown Court Yard (Neal/Smith)
  • Duttons Court (Neal)
  • Globe Yard (Andrews)
  • Goldencross (Laddiman)
  • Ninham’s Court (Cutlock)
  • Norris Court (Neal)
  • Priory Yard (Crompton)
  • Red Lion Yard (Cutlock/Plunkett)
  • Rose Yard (Howes)
  • Sultzer’s Yard/Court (Sales)
  • Walkers Buildings? (Rallison)
  • Water Willow? – next to Fullers Hole (Futter/Crompton)

Find photos, descriptions and aural memories of some at Norwich Yards, or for a more complete list and locations see GenUKI (Origins) website.

Other towns and villages


The Watts family was originally were from Worstead, north east of Norwich. See history page on Worstead website. Worstead gave its name to a type of cloth produced there, and the size of the looms, usually installed at home pre-industrial revolution, led to relatively large houses. With industrialisation the trade declined and the last weaver died in 1882, according to the village history linked above.

Worstead St Mary baptism data (1813-1880) on Rootsweb – do read the health warning.


Howes family can be traced back to Besthorpe/Attleborough (south west of Norwich).


pronounced Haysbro. On the coast a few miles north east from Worstead and some of the Watts family lived here (may still do!).

Also see


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